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A Spencer is like a personal shopper who can stop by any store and purchase anything you need. He’s all about making you happy by helping you out. Most customers use Spencer to save time by letting know what they need to get and from which store. Spencer receives the request, hops on his bike, make the purchase for the customer and delivers it. All within under an hour.

  • Must be over 16
  • Have your own bike, car, truck, scooter or other vehicle that can move around in Amsterdam
  • Positive energy
  • Trustworhty person

Spencers can decide for themselves what time they prefer to work. You simply let us know when you are available and we’ll make sure that you get orders forwarded when you are ready to work. You can be as flexible as you want.


All Spencers receive a fair compensation for their hard work. We give the majority of the delivery fee to our Spencers, plus 100% of the tip. You’re being paid on a monthly base.

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Fill in the form. It's easy and quick